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About Trial Promoter

Trial Promoter automates the generation and distribution of user-friendly messages about clinical trials through social media. We have built the tool to support research institutions that are looking for more efficient ways to promote clinical trials and to respond to the evolving way in which patients, physicians, caregivers, and advocacy groups search for and use health information online including on social media.

Why Clinical Trials? Clinical trials are vital for the progress of medicine. Without volunteers, however, progress in clinical research is not possible. In 2012, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recognized the seriousness of the clinical trial enrollment problem and identified numerous barriers including the lack of awareness among patients. Trial Promoter is designed to address this challenge.

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Sample messages generated by Trial Promoter for Twitter and Facebook




Trial Promoter automates the process of clinical trial promotion,
via Twitter and Facebook

Data Import
Import your clinical trials and message templates

Trial Promoter imports clinical trial data and message templates to generate customized social messages.

Automated publishing to social media

Trial Promoter schedules your social media messages and automatically publishes them on Twitter and Facebook.

Engagement Measurement
View your most engaging content

Trial Promoter monitors and displays engagement measures for each social media message.

API Access
Automate your data import

Trial Promoter provides a REST API that allows you to sync clinical trials with an institutional Clinical Studies Directory or other database.

Trial Promoter is open source and free for anyone to use

Trial Promoter is available under the MIT License

Cite Trial Promoter: Reuter, K; Angyan, P; Ukpolo, F; Ward E. Trial Promoter. Archived at

The Team behind Trial Promoter

Katja Reuter, PhD
Director, Digital Innovation and Communication

Praveen Angyan, MS
Technical Lead

Francis Ukpolo, MBA
Digital Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Ed Ward, BS

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